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Our administrators are dedicated to keeping our schools and district running efficiently and smoothly. We are experts in our fields and know the ins and outs of what we do; from providing healthy meals that meet state nutrition requirements to keeping our busses running safely.

If you ever have a concern for one of our departments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

District Office

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Patricia Gallagher
Business Support Specialist/Procurement
P: 520.384.8600

Kevin Davis
Superintendent/Business Manager
P: 520.384.8600

Cheryl Childers
Business Support Specialist/Accounting Supervisor
P: 520.384.8604

Becky Fortenberry
Accounts Payable
P: 520.384.8609

Teresa Mills
Payroll Clerk
P: 520.384.8605

Alex Arroyo
IT Director
P: 520.384.8674

Ana Gonzales
Special Services Migrant Coordinator
P: 520.384.8856

Martha Villagomez
Migrant Home Liaison/Recruiter
P: 520.384.8857

Kris Duncan
Special Education Coordinator/School Psychologist
P: 520.384.8626
Transportation & Maintenance

Tom Currin
Operations Supervisor
P: 520.384.8854

Susan Lynch
P: 520.384.8665

Substance Abuse Coordinator
P: 520.384.8859

Katherine Maddox
P: 520.384.8859
Other Numbers

P: 520.384.4673

P: 520.384.4271

Head Start
P: 520.384.0016

Chicanos Por La Casa
P: 520.384.3140

P: 520.384.4616

Ken Galaida JPO
P: 520.384.1141