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The Meaning of Labor Day

Something that often gets lost is the true meaning of holidays. We’re all anxious for that day off of school or work, but make sure you stop and pay your respects to the reason behind the holiday.

Labor Day, for example, is observed in the United States and Canada on the first Monday of September to honor working people. The holiday began in the late 1800s as an effort by the Central Labor Union of New York City to create “a day off for the working citizens.” It was designed to celebrate the efforts of workers in the form of a parade and festival for families. Labor unions lobbied state legislatures to establish Labor Day as a legal holiday and, in 1894, it became a national holiday.

Today, Labor Day is celebrated as a day of rest and relaxation—for both working adults and children. So enjoy your day off and find a way to celebrate your family! Various ideas are available online—all you have to do is look!

  • Apples4theTeacher has information about summer, craft ideas, coloring pages, short stories, and numerous other activities to help bring your summer to a close.
  • Kaboose offers downloadable crafts and patterns to help build great family memories.
  • On the Family Bliss blog, find a list of five low-cost activities to do with your children during the long three-day weekend.

Whatever you do for the long Labor Day weekend, make it memorable for the kids. And be sure to stop and talk about why the holiday exists in the first place.