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Getting Boys to Love Reading

Boys and books don’t always go together, and one can only wonder why. Maybe the pressure to participate in sports or the “it’s not cool to be smart” attitude catches hold of him. However, if you are looking for ways to bolster your son’s academics, encouraging him to read is a sure-fire bet.

Finding the right book to spark your son’s interest is the first and most important step. Take him to the library or book store, or talk to his teacher about books that will interest him. James Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead is also a good resource with a list of books that appeal to boys (and girls).

If a book isn’t up your son’s alley, a magazine will do. If he’s interested in sports, consider a weekly or monthly subscription. Try buying a copy at your local book store first to ensure that it’s appropriate and that he will read it.

Can’t get him away from the computer? Creative Teaching suggests finding a computer or video game that requires a good amount of reading. Search for some online, or visit your local gaming store. Just remember to check the rating before making a purchase.

Reading may not be a choice for your son because of reading logs required by his teacher, but allowing him to choose the material as much as possible will bring him a step closer to enjoying it. According to Reading Rockets, it’s okay to suggest something, but ultimately allow it to be his choice. After first making sure the material is appropriate to his age and ability, let him choose; even if he’s going for the gory or nonfiction shelves. It’s the reading that’s important.