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Willcox Unified
School District

Learn About Our Town and District

Willcox owes its initial existence to the Southern Pacific Railroad, which first chugged through the area in 1880. The renovated historic Southern Pacific Depot is just one of the attractions in the revitalized downtown area of Willcox. The Rex Allen Museum and the Cowboy Hall of Fame pays tribute to the city's most famous son, Rex Allen, and the area's ranching influence. The Chiricahua Regional Museum houses many artifacts and exhibits featuring highlights of the area, of the Chiricahua Apache Indians, their great Chief, Cochise, and their freedom fighter, Geronimo.

Willcox serves as a starting point for your journey through the “Magic Circle of Cochise.” The road leads you to the ghost town of Dos Cabezas, as you head for Apache Pass and the Fort Bowie National Historic Site. This outpost marks the battles of the Indian wars in the late 1880's. The Chiricahua National Monument presents an amazing variety of plants and animals, with more than 20 miles of hiking trails to explore the towering spire rock formations.

In addition to our rich heritage, every winter, thousands of Sandhill cranes migrate to the Sulphur Springs Valley, which our town celebrates with a “Wings Over Willcox” celebration and festival.

Our District

Our district continues to grow in leaps and bounds. We have one elementary school consisting of  kindergarten through fourth grade; one middle school housing fifth through eighth grades; and one high school for ninth through twelfth grades. We employ over 80 certified teachers who dedicate their time and talents to our students every day.

We are very proud of all our schools have to offer students, including ESL, special education resources, fine arts classes, computer labs, and all day kindergarten. We are lucky to have an incredibly supportive community who supports our schools, teachers, students, and fundraisers. We owe a large part of our success to the people who live within our community.